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Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile. My name is Shannon Gordy. I own my own pet and wildlife portrait business, Ruff Sketchings. When the Covid-19 pandemic started, I was furloughed from my graphic design job. While furloughed, my interested in drawing was reignited, and I started creating portraits of people's pets. I realized how much happier I was at home working for myself at home than working in the corporate world.

Drawing has been a passion of mine since before I can even remember. I still have boxes full of drawings and characters I developed throughout my entire life. Having never taken a real drawing class until I was in high school, much of my talent resides in myself. Upon entering high school and college, many of my teachers and professors have improved upon my skills greatly, making me the artist I am today. I have always enjoyed a realistic quality in artwork, which is what a great deal of my drawings entail. I think there is something incredible about being able to capture a moment in such detail and realism, while still maintaining a sense of one’s self. Over the years, my technique has evolved, but still preserves that original quality. I have recently begun to change my style from extreme burnishing, to loosening up a bit and leaving my pieces slightly less “finished”. So far, I am loving what’s come out of this change and hope to increase my skill level and work on my technique to gain a whole new level of appreciation and style in my pieces. While I do love that sense of reality, I also have dabbled in the more abstracted arts. Vibrant colors and splashes of ink are other qualities I very much enjoy. Many of my pieces have a sense of this through their background, while still preserving the technical, detailed look of my realistic works. Because of this love of color, my favorite medium to use is colored pencil. I love the vibrancy it brings to a piece, yet still allowing for those tight details.

Graphic Design is another field in the art world that I have come to enjoy. I worked at two large format printing companies from 2014-2020, where I created vehicle graphics, banners, signs, decals, and much more. I also managed websites, marketed on social media, billboards, magazines, tradeshows, and more. I really enjoy creating graphics, especially on vehicles and exterior signs. They are always different, exciting, and challenging!

Aside from my career endeavors, there is much more about me. I tend to be on the shy side, but once you get to know me, I am a very fun, open person who has many passions in life. Music is something that has always driven me as well. Whether it be through choir, dance, or just listening in general, I have always been obsessed with music. It gets me through the worst of days and makes the best of days even brighter. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t listen to, and sing along with, music. I also am a huge animal lover. My dog, Bolt (of course) is my best friend. I rescued him, on the spur of the moment decision, a little over a year ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Coincidentally, he was already named Bolt, so when I got there and saw him, there was no other explanation than fate, and I decided I must have him. He makes me smile even on the worst of days. The saying is true, a dog really is a man’s best friend. I am also a vegetarian and would even go out of my way to swerve for a frog in the road; luckily I still have a clean record of never hitting anything. Much like the Disney Princesses I have always admired, I seem to have a way with animals. I have had countless encounters with wild animals, such as chipmunks, squirrels, and deer to name a few, coming up to me to eat from my hands, pet them, and even let me pick them up. I’ve got the pictures to prove it! I like to think of that as one of the many signs that animation is in my future.

Well, If you have made it this far into my lengthy website autobiography, then I hope you can see the passion I have for not only art, but many other things in life. I hope one day all my hard work, determination, and passion will pay off.